Bohemia, officially the first beer made in Brazil, is a tradition that only stays alive because it keeps moving.

CW: Renato Simon
AD: João Cunico
CD: Luiz Paccillo / Mihail Aleksandrov
CCO: André Kassu / Marcos Medeiros

Agency: CP+B

However, over the years, the brand came to be seen by consumers as old and out of touch. Our brief? To change consumer perception from the above and transform Bohemia into a brand that constantly reinvents itself, connects with youth culture, and a brand that knows that tradition never stands still; but rather that tradition is constantly evolving, constantly in motion. To communicate all of that, we created this film with two dancers: one tradicional, samba dancer and another more contemporary dancer, dancing a modern style known as “passinho”.

One of the most traditional festivals in Brazil is “São João”, which takes place in June. So, how to illustrate these Evolving Traditions once again? We brought back the traditional São-João floating lanterns, banned in the 90s due to the potential fire hazard they cause. Using the wonders of modern technology, drones, we were able to bring these floating lanterns safely back to the festival. And, the main character of the story? Juliette, a famous celebrity winner of the biggest reality show in Brazil that was born in the same region where this tradition comes from.

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