During a month, Burger King became Burger Glitch. An initiative that allowed consumers to feel and enjoy glitches in real life, not only in games. The campaign started with a launch film as a hook to take consumers to BK’s app, where they could try to find some hidden glitched prices. OOH around the city had glitched images and glitched prices too. Some people received real glitched burgers after ordering a BK delivery, never knowing what would come inside their sandwiches. And in addition to that, there was also a glitched BK store inside the metaverse.

CW: Renato Simon
AD: André Mezzomo
CD: Fabrício Pretto / Rogério Chaves
ECD: Renata Leão / Edgard Gianesi
CCO: Pancho Cassis

Agency: DAVID